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 The 106th Finance Battalion

The 106th Finance Battalion provides Finance and Comptroller support to the European and African theaters.  This support includes garrison funding and payment operations, funding for exercises and operational missions across the theaters, vendor payment, and limited Soldier pay support. The Finance Battalion is prepared to support commanders from competition to armed conflict. The forward presence of the 106th Finance Battalion provides financial flexibility and operational reach to the supported combatant commanders.

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Over the past ten months, the 106th Finance Battalion has had an invaluable impact on the Army’s operations across Europe and Africa.  Responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the 106th Finance Battalio established three sites in Poland to support the forward-deployed troops, integrated a National Guard Finance unit into those offices, and expanded the mission to support comptroller operations at the four-star headquarters to tactical finance support in east Poland, and everything at echelon in-between.  The 106th Finance Battalio has made over $200M in service agreement payments to our NATO and African country partner nations, provided funding and vendor pay support to two joint exercises in Africa, and most recently, it has provided funding and currency procurement support to the ongoing operations in the greater Horn of Africa region.



Lt. Col. Benjamin R. Ecklor

Senior Enlisted Advisor 
Command Sgt. Maj.  Andrea Rueda