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Calling outside of Germany? Dial +49-61-143-XXX-XXXX or calling the U.S. from a DSN line, then dial, 99-001-area code-XXX-XXXX. Need a contact outside of Team 21? Try USAG Rheinland-Pfalz and USAG Bavaria's online phone books!


Command Group


Support Staff

  • Internal Review and Audit Compliance
  • Reserve Affairs

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  • Official Unit Address: 21st Theater Sustainment Command, U.S. Army, CMR 479, APO AE 09054
  • Headquarters Physical Address: Mannheimer Str. 331, 67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany

Frequently Requested Contacts

Crisis Support

  • Crisis Hotlines: 
    • For after-hours emergencies, call +49 (0)162-296-9054 in Kaiserslautern, and +49 (0)162-270-8348 in Baumholder.
    • For unit chain of command, behavioral health and/or Military Family Life Consultants, call: Baumholder: 0152-3652-2147; Kleber Kaserne: 0175-792-3332; Landstuhl: 0152-2479-2650; and Rhine Ordinance Barracks: 0175-601-1985
  • SHARP Hotlines: 
    • Europe SHARP: Hotline: 0611-143-537-4277
    • SAFE Helpline (toll free from Germany): 0611-143-537-7233/ DSN: 484-7280
    • Bavaria SHARP Hotline: 09641-83-8567
    • Wiesbaden SHARP Hotline: 0162-296-6741
    • Brussels SHARP Hotline: 09641-83-4567
    • Air Force SHARP Hotline: 06371-47-7272

Help Us Combat Scams and Impostors

There are times that the names and images of 21st TSC leadership have been used to fraudulently victimize or scam people. You will NEVER receive a personal request from any of the 21st TSC leadership.

Please report fake accounts to the social media platform:  

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