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Documents to bring with you to the Tax Assistance Center


  • Valid photo ID and Social Security Number Card or ITIN for everyone on the return
  • Voided check or deposit slip for direct deposit of refund showing both routing and account number


Proof of Income

  • W-2 for each job
  • Form 1099 (or year-end statements labeled “Substitute Form 1099) for pensions, interest, dividends, sale of stock, unemployment compensation, gambling winnings, etc.
  • Form 1099-SSA for social security payments received


Real Property

  • Copy of last year’s tax return (a must have!)
  • Form 1099-MISC for proof of rents received
  • Summary of annual expenses incurred
  • Form 1098 for mortgage interest paid
  • Amount of real estate taxes paid
  • Amount of insurance paid


Child Care Costs

  • Name and address of child care provider
  • SSN, ITIN, or EIN of child care provider
  • Amount paid to child care provider for each child


Child Care Providers

  • Copy of Certificate of Coverage from the German Social Security Authorities
  • Summary of Earnings (and expenses if applicable)
  • Business address (could be your home)


Married Filing Joint Filers

  • Bring Spouse or Power of Attorney (if you want your return to be e-filed)