NEWS | April 8, 2021

Knights Brigade Soldiers Strengthen Relations with UK Soldiers

By Staff Sgt. Sinthia Rosario 16th Sustainment Brigade

AYERSHIRE BARRACKS, Germany – Soldiers from the 16th Sustainment Brigade (Knights Brigade) strengthen relationships and enhance interoperability with British soldiers from the 104th Logistic Support Brigade, during driver’s training March 10-18. The Knights Brigade Soldiers provided drivers training of U.S. equipment to the 104th LOG who will be utilizing the equipment during DEFENDER Europe 21.

“The UK has been given a mission whilst we’re out there, so this is in preparation to become competent, and if we were ever to be called upon on DEFENDER 21, then we are good to go and work alongside the Americans, allies and interoperability,” said British Army Cpl Daniel O’Connor, driver, 104th LOG.

As part of the training, the British learned how to properly and safely use and operate various tactical vehicles such as Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV), Humvee, and the Palletized Load System (PLS). They conducted vehicle movement operations such as straight-line backing, offset alley, and load and offload a flat rack from a PLS.

“We taught the students about the characteristics as well as dimensions of the vehicles and how different models might have a few different functions,” said Sgt. Dennis Mahr, instructor, 55th Quartermaster Company (Field Feeding Company), 16th Special Troops Battalion.

Learning and adapting to driving U.S. tactical vehicles at first provided some challenges to the British soldiers.

“I think the biggest issue is just how large size your vehicles are and the amount of visibility and stuff like that,” O’Connor said. “Obviously it’s for protection, but the visibility is a big, big one to overcome as a driver and you gotta put trust in your TC.”

This training provided both the Knights Brigade Soldiers and the British the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences, foster a positive relationship and built interoperability amongst each other.

“I personally think that training with our allies builds a special bond between our troops and theirs, it also lets us learn about the different equipment we have,” Mahr said. “The interaction between the 16th Sustainment Brigade and the 104th LOG was absolutely amazing. I would love for us to continue training and teaching them about our equipment in the future.”